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Rose McGowan


"I give women permission to be angry. Because that’s our right. Because it’s an emotion. Because it’s been taken away from us."

Rose is a modern whistleblower, standing up against the insidious pairing of money and fame that keeps many predators in power and discourages victims from seeking justice. She's one of the first women to openly name Swinestein, a Hollywood mogul, as her rapist and systematic abuser of many women in the industry.

Her initial complaint came on October 12, 2016, after which an attempt to blackball her in the industry began. Amazon Studios dropped her project, Twitter suspended her for calling out Ben Affleck to tell the truth about what he knew regarding the abuses (Twitter claimed it was in violation of their terms, but funnily there are plenty of other actually volatile users who remain on the site), as well as being spied on by a private intelligence agency called Black Cube, hired by Boies, Schiller & Flexner a law firm representing Swinestein. (Wikipedia)

Her story tore the bandage off a festering open secret and gave other women the courage to name their abusers and unite against misogyny and sexism in one of the most untouchable echelons in the world. Since then, a score of prolific actors and executives have been revealed as perpetrators

"Know your worth, especially at work [...] push ahead and really take ownership of your body and your spirit and your mind. It’s amazing to watch when girls come into themselves." -- NYLON

Let's continue this avalanche of falling empires by translating it to everyday women who suffer harassment and abuse but feel they have no recourse. If that's you: you do. If you know someone who is struggling, reach out to them. Below are some starting points for help.

  • RAINN: The rape, abuse & incest national network and the national sexual assault telephone hotline. Call 800-656-HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area.
  • How to Identify Workplace Sexual Harassment When You See It: "In the face of workplaces in which they were harassed and the perpetrators not punished, some women hung on and gritted their teeth; others found other jobs; still others, demoralized, left their fields entirely."
  • Informational reading: A brief history of sexual harassment in America before Anita Hill.