Smash Up Magazine



“Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.”

Lewis Carroll•  Alice in Wonderland

Face value is often all we get from each other. Investment in one another is precious, often saved for close relationships, and as such, it's easy to dismiss others as passing strangers.

Being a human is an oxymoron--we're all the same, and we often rely on our shared humanity to build community and find safety. But we're also so different. These differences can often be a roadblock to listening. We misunderstand, label, and box people away. Strangely, we all want to be heard, but when demanding that need, we can become the thing we oppose and squelch others' voices. Conversations peels back personas and explores people's unique perspectives and projects. 

Interviews were done either via email or in person. They've all been edited lightly for length and clarity, but left untouched subject-wise to give the fairest representation.

Allison - (b.) Resale

You can’t walk by (b.) Resale without going in. Even when you’re short on cash and time, you make it work, if for nothing else than to catch up with the genuine staff running it. Allison Bross-White, the owner and visionary behind it, proves that every business is a pulpit, and her message is one of inclusion--and she means it.