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Katie Eckhardt

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ode to mo

with your lips stained dark
and curious
and your clear, straight eyes
always looking, looking
and that hair bouncing with your
g l i d e
with your shoulders held back
never chipped,
with your head held high,
but not above,
and your hands open
with firm shake
and your white teeth that bellow
your laugh and hold your truth
right on your tongue,
and your knees that sometimes give
as your feet stay, always, firmly
growing that heart that beats
loud, steady, strong
inviting people to rest
and hold a bit of it
maybe, sometimes-
with all the pieces and parts
that are astounding and perfectly made
holding you as one whole
and me as one part.

list of flexible absolutes

I know that I am a fool.
I know that I am prone to quitting, laziness, and complaining.
I know that I like things certain ways and not negotiated.
I know that I have a low tolerance for physical pain.
I know that I have held a high tolerance for emotional pain.
I know that I am compassionate.
I know that my passion is great and only needs fed.
I know that I am understanding, empathetic.
I know that I crave adventure and a willing partner.
I know that I have talent but lack discipline.
I know that I am ignorant and aware.
I know that I am hungry and get angry at times and those correlate.
I know I thirst.
I know I am loved.
I know that my God is far distant and most near.
I know I am admired but admire more.
I know that I get jealous, feel left out, and am lonely at times.
I know that I feel at the center of things.
I know there are many things I want to know more about.
I know that feeling settled and complacent and caged is my worst fear.
I know that another is feeling I missed something.
I know that I want to be more than I am currently and worry less than I do now.
I know I am strong.
I know I am weak in spots.
I know that both of those things change.
I know I am with and without fault.
I know that I am a circle, and the edges need more rounding.