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Kabutey (Ka-bu-teh) grew up in Ghana where he first realized music was his passion. At age eight, he often lip-synced with his sisters to songs on the radio. He started writing his own lyrics in 2000, after moving to the U.S.

Listening to productions by artists like Timbaland, Pharrell, and Swizz Beatz gave Kabutey the base he needed to learn to DJ. He committed himself to electronic dance in 2012, performing sets in his fraternity house and now spins house, trance, dubstep, hip hop, and R&B.

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Everyday life inspires Kabutey--happy people, beautiful places, good food, and good conversations. “Meeting talented musicians and stars is also inspiring. There's something thrilling about being face to face with each other.” His African heritage and living in New York also inform his sound. “Making music in New York is an experience that gives me a worldview perspective especially when creating,” he says. “The African culture showed me a lot of rhythm.”

Kabutey has been featured in Core Magazine and Beatsy Blog, and hosts a weekly radio show on Invisible Sound Radio. This is clearly a man who’s made the most of his environment and influences. His advice to others? “Do your best. Play nice. Have fun.”