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Winter Light

Photography by Lindsey Miller
March 2017

“All through my life, I’ve had these instant sorts of experiences where I just felt so connected with the world," artist Bruce Munro told the Star Tribune. “And we all get it. I know we all get it."

Bruce Munro is a British artist who uses light as his medium. His immersive installations have been produced around the globe, and came to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in the fall of 2016. Lest anyone went to see it expecting a regular holiday light show, they were, hopefully, pleasantly surprised. Munro uses unconventional materials (neon-painted clothespins, plastic bottles threaded with fiber optic wires) that glitter and shapeshift in a gauze of rainbow lights. Each installation reflects that abstract feeling of being immersed in a place with new sights and new sounds, and creating new feelings.

Winter Light runs until April 9th, and even with the lengthening days, it's still dark enough by nightfall to enjoy. Tickets and more information about the exhibit can be found here.