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beauty in the mundane

I’m Crystal Procknow, also known as Neoqlassical, and I’m a multimedia artist from Wisconsin. I’ve been addicted to making art since someone first shoved a crayon in my hand. Since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be an artist, and I’ve made that dream come true--I took as many art courses as I could while I was in school, then self taught after that. 

My favorite thing to create has always been people. I’m fascinated by them. I’ve always been a believer that human variety is one of the most beautiful things on earth. So, I focus on humans, creating portraits in whatever form seems to suit them best. I’ll see a beautiful soul and decide to make a marker caricature, or painting, or detailed digital portrait and make sure not to mask the individual features that make them who they are. 

As I continued to make these images, I saw how people were often surprised that someone would find them unique enough to randomly draw, and it’s become a mission of mine to build up people in every way I can think of. Finding beauty in the mundane, and even in qualities others reject is what inspires me to create. 

I think as a species we tend to tear each other apart, sometimes knowingly, sometimes not, and so the world has enough negativity already. It’s futile to fight anger with anger, negativity with negativity. Love and kindness and generosity are the best weapons

The small phrases I include in my pieces tend to be things that rattle around in my head, and when I find a person whose appearance or attitude fits the phrase, the piece needs to be made. Occasionally the phrase will be a quote from the subject, and in those cases, the inspiration is quite obvious. 

I’ve started a Patreon page, and that’s the direction I see art going in the future. Patreon is a site where we can support artists, giving a monthly contribution to those you appreciate and want to see continue to create. Often an artist’s true passion can be lost in requested work, as they begin to cater to what their commissioners want on a project by project basis. But, if one likes what an artist creates and supports their vision, giving a monthly contribution for nothing in particular allows their creativity to flow naturally! 

Of course, asking for people to support your passion is a bit awkward, at least for me, so I’m hoping to push through that awkwardness and find some contributors. Spreading the idea of Patreon is a big deal for me as well! 



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