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Alexcina Brown is an internationally published model, writer, and Editor-In-Chief of BRASH! Magazine. "“I wanted to expand into a bigger media outlet to allow more opportunities for not only indie artists, but indie labels, indie fashion brands/professionals."

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Myne Fashion

Originally from Togo, Africa, Nova Mensah moved to the US to continue with her higher education. She now calls Olathe, Kansas home, and at 28, she keeps busy raising her son with her husband, as well as managing her new online store Myne Fashion, which offers chic styles and handmade African jewelry, chosen to inspire the superwoman in all of us!

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You can’t walk by (b.) Resale without going in. Even when you’re short on cash and time, you make it work, if for nothing else than to catch up with the genuine staff running it. Allison Bross-White, the owner and visionary behind it, proves that every business is a pulpit, and her message is one of inclusion--and she means it.

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Wonder Woman

Let me first say, I came out of this film laughing and rolling my eyes a little, having went in with little expectations and seen basically exactly what I would expect to see from Hollywood.

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Nonprofit Work and Women

Nonprofit businesses are an option that’s gained more notoriety over the years, shedding the assumption that they’re just glorified volunteer positions. Common myths are being busted: yes, you can make money. Yes, you can effectively use your skills.

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