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Yay! Birth Control Is Working Better – Or At Least, It's Failing Less

But sadly...

"The analysis did find disparities in the effectiveness of contraceptives for some groups of women. African American and Latina women had higher contraceptive failure rates compared with white women, and low-income women had a higher rate of failure than those earning at least 200 percent above the federal poverty level. The study did not adjust for poverty when assessing racial and ethnic disparities, but noted that poverty is likely a factor."

"She says low-income patients in particular may struggle to get consistent reproductive health care because of lack of insurance, access to healthcare providers, or other barriers. 'Their childcare falls through; they can't come to the appointment. The bus is late. They missed their appointment because their mom got sick and they have to go to the hospital with their mom,' Findley says. 'There's so many different reasons why my patients have a hard time accessing the healthcare they need and deserve.'"

I did a quick Google search and besides an article at The Feminist Majority, I honestly couldn't any other grassroots organizations that promote awareness about women's reproductive health. That are quite a few that get menstrual supplies to certain communities, but not necessarily ones that also instruct about reproductive healthcare. If you know of any, tell us!