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Thank your mom.

What kind of feminist blog would we be without homage to International Women's Day? A no good, scalawag, poser feminist blog that's what. I've been documenting different historical women around the world on the Instagram @smashupmagazine to remind ourselves that feminism isn't just about American women in their own bubble (the complete list will be posted on Smash Up at the end of the month). Today is also "a day without women," promoted by the Women's March on Washington DC. However you choose to participate (we can't all not go to work--I don't know about you, but I still have bills to pay), it's a good reminder of all the unsung ways in which women contribute to our lives. Whether you're a mom at home doing all the grocery shopping or a high-profile leader, you are valuable! ❤️️


To get your creative juices flowing, here is a list of ways to recognize today. Or, think outside the box and involve your family and friends. Do some art with your kids (or on your own), have a self-care day, volunteer (even in "small" ways. You can put stamps on postcards for a nonprofit!), donate, pay it forward at the coffee shop, wear that shirt you always thought was "too loud," decide to go natural, etc. If you're in Minneapolis, support women-owned small businesses with this handy list.