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Good Friday

One week later... Here's your end of the week dose of good news! All these are from my various "save for later" tabs and bookmarks. Not all are recent, just stumbled upon. As I mentioned before, there's no grander purpose here except to add a dash of sunshine, humor, or info to your day instead of more wild news headlines that make you want to dig a hole and live in it and never come out.

Simple Rules for Healthy Eating from the New York Times. Good food habits give your body chemistry the energy it needs to keep motoring through the day. We've all heard this by this point, but once you start incorporating them (more water, or fresh vegetables and fruit), you'll start to crave them. Give your body what it needs!


There Is No Word In The English Language For This Gorgeous Color at Dwell on it! It's lovely! Paint a room with it. Print it out and stare at it at work. We're more affected by these things that most of us notice.

It's a hedgehog, and I want it.

Giving Power to Women in Ghana. Nothing better than uplifting a community by showing them how they can grow with new, profitable skills!


It's a girl! Hoda Kotb announces she's adopted a baby. Love this as it's a woman going out to get what she wants, like, a baby. I also like that she kept it under wraps, and it wasn't some giant publicity stunt. And I might steal this name and reason for my own future baby 💕:

"Hoda [explained] that she picked her daughter's name after Halley's comet, which can be seen from Earth once every seven decades. 'It was one of those things. I just picture her sailing through the sky,' she said."