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Aparna Nancherla


Image via Elle.

I'm re-listening to Aparna Nancherla this morning. She is hilarious, but because everyone has different humor, and I'm rarely moved when people beg me to listen to something new, I can't really sell you on her. All I can say is that you should spice up your day and give her album "Just Putting It Out There" a try. She has that sardonic twist that throws just the right amount of dry, grim introspection on things. Not Louis C.K. grim. Endearingly grim, with chuckles and mirth. She probably does have weird self-esteem, but she knows what she's saying, plus she's a comic so what else is she going to toy with? Check her out on Spotify, Bandcamp, or YouTube. I've included an extremely entertaining clip below where people in her acting class compare her to Aziz Ansari and... science. 😹