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Image via Refinery29.


In light of the recent ridiculousness from Bill O'Reilly, this article is fitting, and true. There's something about being of color, particularly with any kind of blackness, that always overshadows any other normal thing, like speaking or presentation. Hair touching, hair comments, hair criticism, reacting to what you say with ebonics, reacting to what you say as if you said something "too strong" when it was a typical comment that anyone else would make any day without reaction.

Little things like that. Microaggressions I guess the word is (though I don't really like that word because it makes it sound like I'm clocking every little thing people do all the time and harboring something about it). It's little things like that that make women of color have to constantly dig down and remember they have something to say, and they're not just their hairstyle or vocal inflection or style of dress.