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I hope.

Heard this song by UK singer Rebecca Ferguson (oh, ha, just saw when I Googled her that she's the one who said she'd sing at Donald Trump's inauguration if she could sing Strange Fruit) on an episode of Being Mary Jane (which I stumbled upon on Netflix and was pleasantly surprised. It's funny, thoughtful, and nuanced, also giving a spotlight to woman in business leadership. Props to creator Mara Brock Akil and Gabrielle Union, my new celebrity girl crush, lol. Watch out Tracee Ellis Ross...).

Ok, too many parentheticals...

I took note of the refrain "I hope," repeated and giving you now choice but to hear it. And we hardly hear it so emphatically these days. Then listening to the lyrics, not only do we not hear that we hope for things nearly enough, we don't hope the best for our enemies. You know, I'd like to think I don't have any, because that word feels really strong. But you can't stop life, and there are definitely people in my life who I've done wrong to as well as to me. This song is a good reminder of "live and let live," and that sometimes, the best we can do is hope the best for each other. Not without frustration, struggle, or aggravation, but eventually, that's all. Hope the best.