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Sabrina Fallah

"Do what you love and never give up!"

Women rock, and in Sabrina Fallah’s case, she actually does rock. Her guitar-driven melodies might remind you of P!nk or Avril Lavigne, but Fallah’s sweet soprano adds a unique twist.

Her EPs, a self-titled debut and follow-up album “Kiss Is a Killer,” show that she’s been at this for a while. In the 10 years she’s been performing, music has become her full-time work. Her first hint that she wanted to be a singer was at age 14 when she won her first singing competition, but she’s been surrounded by music since childhood. Her cousin would play his guitar and let her hear the new bands he was listening to. Some of her favorites now are Green Day, Bon Jovi, and Billy Idol. This exposure, along with her love of writing short stories and poetry, led her to becoming a singer/songwriter.

Moments in her everyday life inspire her lyrics, but the process itself changes each time. Sometimes, the idea and the lyrics come first, and then the music. Other times, the music comes first, and she thinks of a story to go with it. Sometimes, she starts with the chorus, then the verse, or vice versa. “At times,” she says, “it takes me 5 minutes to finish a song, or it might take me days or even weeks.” Her confessional lyrics focus on love and relationships, not shying away from the pain or the passion. In “Hurt,” she turns the anguish of an ended relationship into something that can heal.

It’s easy to talk about love, but “hurt such a hard four letter word,” she sings. “I’m finally letting go of the hurt/it’s only a feeling,hurt/the pain can start the healing in my soul.” But her writing can also be playful. She goes big on the title track of “Kiss Is a Killer,” declaring, “I’m Tokyo, you’re Godzilla! Your kiss is a killer!”

Being an independent musician is hard work, and a female rocker at that. “[It] hasn't been easy, because it is known for men to be rockers,” she admits. “It has been hard, but I still push through.” Those tough times--like confronting her fear of singing for crowds--are balanced by the good ones.

“I can’t pick just one,” she says, but “collaborating with other songwriters inspires me to learn more.” Fallah stays motivated by being as busy as she can, with her music as the drive to keep creating. In the future, she’d like to go international, but right now, she tours widely in Ottawa, Toronto, and central Canada. To unwind, she keeps things simple--baking, biking, or binging some of her favorite shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Her advice for others who want to pursue music? “Do what you love and never give up!”