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Skillfully written and directed by Nolan, he manages to capture the feeling and importance of the Battle of Dunkirk without glorifying war. Instead, he communicates the visceral power of the elements in contrast with ourselves; infinitesimal humans at the mercy of the sea, the air, and the destruction we hurl at each other.

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Roxane Gay

“I curse like a sailor,” she aplombed as we arrived. That candor continued throughout the hour-long sitting as she fielded questions on her writing process and her books.

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Wonder Woman

To wildly herald Wonder Woman as some sort of catch all “answer to feminism” does such incredible violence to the filmmakers--women and men--who have actually striven to put powerful, authentic characterizations of femaleness on the screen and to build stories around them in unafraid ways. Wonder Woman is a textbook example of how far Hollywood will go to preserve male identification on screen.

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Sooo Many White Guys

Yep, the white guys get benched, with only two appearing on the show so far--comedian Mike Birbiglia and drag queen Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 from RuPaul’s Drag Race (and I don’t think she counts). But you won’t miss them. Phoebe interviews an array of socially conscious musicians (Lizzo, St. Vincent), authors (Roxanne Gay), and actors (Issa Rae). I am truly jealous of her six degrees of separation.

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Wait, Wait... Don't Tell ME

The same four or so games are played each episode, including Bluff the Listener, Listener Limerick, or Not My Job. Players are asked to guess true news stories from false ones, like what happened when a bunch of rabbis got together to attempt the mannequin challenge.

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